Hiring Questions Male Strippers Melbourne 

Hiring Questions Male Strippers Melbourne.


Are you getting ready to host a hen party in the near future? Consider asking yourself the following questions before you hire male strippers Melbourne:


1. How many people are attending?

It’s crucial to know how many guests will attend your party. This will inform you of the venue size you’ll need to book in advance. This will also inform you of how many male strippers Melbourne to hire. For example, if you anticipate a large crowd of ladies to attend, then one dancer in attendance won’t be able to entertain all of the ladies. You’d want to hire multiple male strippers Melbourne in order to ensure that all of the ladies feel entertained, and attended to.


2. What type of venue are you renting?


There’s a huge difference in renting out someone’s home for the night, renting out space in the back of a restaurant, and renting out a large party hall. All of these come with different offerings and set-ups. When hiring male strippers Melbourne at Magic Hens you’ll need to understand how your party venue will affect aspects like where music will be set up, if the dancer is expected to bring their own iPod and speakers, or if the acoustics of the space allows guests to appropriately hear the music.

You’ll also want to consider things like lighting, electrical outlets, and local noise ordinances. And if you are renting space in a public venue such as a restaurant, then you’ll definitely need to consult with management as to whether or not they’ll allow male strippers Melbourne to perform inside of their venue.


3. Who’s paying for the male strippers Melbourne?


You’ll need to decide who’s paying for the entertainer. They’ll usually require an upfront deposit, and then the rest of the money will be required per hour of their time.

4. How do your guests feel about male strippers Melbourne?


Make sure that all of your party guests are okay with being entertained by male strippers Melbourne. Most women expect this type of entertainment at a hen party, but some of your guests might experience discomfort or offense. This is especially true if being entertained by male strippers Melbourne http://www.magichens.com.au/ goes against a guest’s spiritual or personal beliefs.

Along with the personality of your guests, be mindful of the vibe you’re trying to create for your party. If you know that your party is going to be upscale, or if you know that your party guests are a bit conservative, then it’s wise to request a scaled-down dance routine from male strippers Melbourne.

For example, advise your dancer not to gyrate wildly. No bumping or grinding on the guests. No extra attention on their groin area, and they shouldn’t direct the guests’ hands anywhere they don’t want to touch!

Then again, if you’d like to create a wild-and-loose, no-holds-barred party, then you can request that your male strippers Melbourne get wild when they dance. This is the time when your dancer can get the party guests involved by dancing up on the ladies.

They can do fun things like picking the ladies up, hoisting the ladies around their waistline while dancing. You can do a brilliant job of making sure that your party guests are enjoying male strippers Melbourne when you provide your entertainers with as much background information about the party and the guests as possible.